Where can I enter my shipping address?

Your shipping address will only be requested during your order and will be associated with your order only.

How can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

Have you moved or do you simply want to receive your reward at a different address than the one you provided when contributing? Go to the menu at the top right then My contributions, click to view Details, then click on the Edit shipping address link, and there you go!

What happens to my data if I delete my account?

Your personal data (name, surname, email, profile picture) are immediately deleted. If you have pending orders, they will remain active but you won't be able to access them or receive notifications related to them. If you had left a comment after an order, they are kept anonymously.

Professional account

If you are a professional, you can benefit from dedicated packages by providing your professional information (company name and SIRET number).

I wish to purchase multiple packs in one order: How do I do it?

Simply select the first pack and click on the "Confirm and continue shopping" button to be able to select other packs before proceeding to the cart.

I already have a pack in my cart and I want to change an option: How do I do it?

The option validation is done only when adding to the cart. You must therefore remove the pack from your cart and then select it again, changing the option.

How do I get my invoice?

As soon as the order is shipped, you can print your invoice in "My orders" by clicking on Print invoice.

Where is KuneKune.fr hosted?

All data on KuneKune.fr as well as its servers are hosted in France, at OVH cloud. The showcase of KuneKune.fr is also hosted in France and cached worldwide through Vercel. User authentication data is managed by Google (Firebase).

When paying by card, I still see PayPal appear, why?

PayPal processes all payments on KuneKune, including those by credit card. When making a payment by card, PayPal may ask for additional information to secure your payment. At KuneKune, we only store the transaction identifiers (PayPal code) and your delivery address. Nothing more. Everything else is secured by PayPal.

Why does the creator receive more funds when paying by card?

PayPal fees for a merchant like KuneKune when you pay with a PayPal account are 2.9%. When paying by card, these fees are reduced to 1.2%. Therefore, when you pay by card, KuneKune saves 1.7% of the total VAT amount of your basket. KuneKune has decided to pass these savings on to the creators, thereby allowing you to make this choice yourself without impacting KuneKune.

How are exchange rates calculated?

PayPal has its own rules for calculating exchange rates; it applies the "current" exchange rate plus a tax of 4 to 4.5% depending on your initial currency. Remember that today there are many neobanks that allow you to convert currencies at lower costs. Convenient for traveling or shopping on foreign sites.

For any other question, you can contact us.


All payments are secured by PAYPAL


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